Time is money so be sure the Meeter is running at your next meeting. Simply enter the number of people in the meeting (or other activity) and what they get paid. Then hit "Start" and watch the dollars rack up as Meeter calculates the total cost. This can be enlightening if you are the one paying the bill, and thrilling if you are the one getting paid.

Placing your iPod or iPhone in a conspicuous location while running Meeter magically shortens those long, boring, and expensive meetings. If you pay people or have a budget to manage you will save money by raising awareness of meeting costs. Turn it on in a really big meeting and be awed by how much, and how quickly the bill runs up.

Other 'Just For Fun' Ideas

• See what people who show up late is costing in real dollars

• See how much the jokes your plumber, lawyer, or mechanic tells is costing you

• Start it in the morning and see how much you earned today

• Gives you the data to confidently say "Mr. Buffington, that diversion you just took us all on cost the company $$$!"